God and Genocide

Just returned from a really encouraging couple of weeks at Spring Harvest where we were looking at the: authority, inspiration, clarity, genres, process of interpretation of the Bible under the title Route66. I wrote the theme book for the event called: Route66: a crash course in navigating life with the Bible.

As part of the event I gave an hour long lecture on the challenging subject of Genocide in the Old Testament. I promised my notes would be made available after the event so here they are. Happy to receive comments to make the presentation better for next time I have to deliver it. I hope it provides you with some help in your understanding of God and in all you do to make him known.

Here are the books I referred to in the seminar and some others I would recommend (you can order them in your local christian bookshop or click on them to order them from amazon)


7 thoughts on “God and Genocide”

  1. Hi Krish, that is a really useful presentation. I have often wondered about the accuracy of the English translation of the Bible, and again, the richness of the Hebrew proves that the Bible cannot be just read, it demands to be studied. Was your talk recorded by any chance?
    God bless

  2. Thanks a lot for the presentation notes. The lecture at Spring Harvest was really helpful and informative and having this additional material is a great resource.

    Thanks again and for all your teaching at SH2011. We all found it immensely helpful.

  3. thought this seminar was really interesting at Soul Survivor C this year. I had never really questioned god in this way before but even so I find the history and context of the bible fascinating.

    Great job, keep up the good work

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