Euro 2012 Sweepstake

So the European cup kicks off tomorrow. Under a cloud of controversy around racism. I wonder if its an opportunity to shine a global spotlight on racism.

Anyway tweeters if you get a chance to highlight the anti racism campaigns around the European cup please make the most of it. I am looking for twitter feeds for the campaigns and also the correct hash tag for the cup – do let me know.

Those that made the cut for the twitter european cup sweepstake are listed below:


  • Poland
  • @sym2008
  • Denmark
  • @junemunday
  • Czech Republic
  • @baker_ben
  • Sweden
  • @jonny_goodchild
  • Italy
  • @davidrcakebread
  • France
  • @mrchrisJwilson
  • Croatia
  • @willsapwell
  • Ukraine
  • @simonmusic
  • England
  • @pete_McM
  • Spain
  • @stripeyandy
  • Netherlands
  • @wardmajor
  • Russia
  • @crimperman
  • Republic of Ireland
  • @mandy_clarkson
  • Greece
  • @lukecornelius @gemdrew
  • Germany
  • @jimmy_young @jayblake
  • portugal
  • @krishk @adlegge

2 thoughts on “Euro 2012 Sweepstake”

  1. Not sure how successful it will be, but the police here, in the cities where the matches are taking place have been having ‘lessons’ on anti-racism, what they shouldn’t do, and how to deal with it among the public. We’ll have to wait and see, although a friend of mine went into Kiev to watch the first match on a wide screen in the main street and he says it was packed and peaceful.

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