pray4syria – stop the bullets

As the news of another massacre in Syria hits our screens,it is time for us to be raise concerted prayers to God.
It seems that 27 children were among the dead in the attack on a small village. This lead Ban Ki Moon the Geneneral Secretary of the United Nations to state that the Syrian regime has:

“lost its fundamental humanity”

He also said that the Syrian government has lost its legitimacy to govern. But it still seems we will be waiting a long time for UN intervention. God often calls us to get practically involved when we pray so here are some practical things you can do to help Stop the Bullets.

Stop the bullets

The arms have got to get into Syria somehow. We can lobby Rosoboronexport who are the Syria’s main weapon suppliers.Sadly they don’t have a email address or we could lobby direct – but as they are a weapons manufacturer I guess they expected their products to be used to kill people. So the only way to really get change is by aiming at the money. Its all about the money for these guys so here’s the plan:
1. India and the United States are the companies main clients so you can sign a petition here to encourage India and the US to withdraw from purchasing from Rosoboronexport if they keep on supplying Syria.

2. You can lobby directly on twitter-

@PMOIndia – The Prime Minister of India

@BarackObama – The President of the USA.

Encourage them to force Rosoboronexport to boycott #Syria.



One thought on “pray4syria – stop the bullets”

  1. Please stop promoting the view that the Syrian regime is the cause of all evil in Syria – it is not. The BBC world service yesterday interviewed a Lebanese professor who gave a much more accurate view at last.

    Yes please stop the bullets – but there are at least 3 groups including the Sunni’s (backed by the Saudis) trying to kick off again in Lebanon, and independant militias, and jihadists as well as government forces in this picture… and we really do not know who is doing what.

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