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Skyfall and Adele

The Bond marketting machine is in full overdrive now.

Must admit I thought it was a clever move having Adele do the theme. What do you make of this?
Does it show Adele to have a voice that is pale imitation of Shirley Bassey – it doesn’t grab me as a Goldfinger replacement as the most memorable Bond theme ever. Growing up A view to a Kill was my favourite – what is yours?

6 thoughts on “Skyfall and Adele”

  1. I am partial to GoldenEye with Pierce Brosnan. I do like Adele’s sultry, lounge sound – it fits a Bond picture.

  2. It’s certainly a Bond theme in the traditional way – bold & brassy. But for me, ‘Goldfinger’ is still the number one Bond theme. However, Adele has certainly earned her Licence to Sing.

  3. Not bad, not bad. I get the feeling that this is one of those themes which will grow on me over time. A little bit dreary, perhaps? But still, it’s definitely an improvement over Quantum of Solace’s theme. The lyrics aren’t as cheesy as the traditional Bond fare either, so that’s a slight plus in its favor. I’m definitely getting the feeling that this movie is going to be heavy on the melodramatics.

    BTW, best Bond theme: Mr. kiss kiss bang bang. Pity it was replaced with Tom Jones’s song!

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