Green means Go!

Michael Green is a living legend. He breaks the stereotype that an evangelist has to be a pragmatist or that theologians dont care about mission. I have been enjoying Michael’s work since I was a student. I have found his expository approach to evangelism absolutely central to my preaching. But now well into this eighties Michael is still as passionate and vigorous for the gospel as ever. Michael gave the first talk at our recent confidence in the gospel event and was outstanding. Give 18 minutes of your time to hear his challenge to us to be faithful to the Apostolic Gospel. Then click on to the Evangelical Alliance’s website for some study questions. You may be surprised at what he asks us to hold on to.

If you want a written version of this talk – you can find a lot of it in Michael’s excellent book “Evangelism and the Early Church.” Michael as a New Testament scholar offers an implicit challenge to us to be faithful to the scriptures more than our traditions.

Enjoy this video, you may need a pen and paper handy as the gems come thick and fast…


THE APOSTOLIC GOSPEL from Evangelical Alliance on Vimeo.

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