Please don’t adopt a Snow Leopard

Just seen this advert on television.
I might be over reacting, but you may know this topic is an important one not just for me but for a lot of people across the UK, most of whom you will never meet.

Be careful watching the advert below may change your life… (then again…)

Reasons to Adopt a Snow Leopard

1. Snow Leopards  are very cute.
2. Snow Leopards are a wonderful part of God’s creation.
3.  Snow Leopards are an endangered species.

But genuinely adopting a snow leopard will turn your life upside down.

Let me give you 5 reasons not to ADOPT a Snow Leopard.

1. Adoption involves offering a Snow leopard the same place in your family as your birth children this is probably an unwise move.
2. Adopting a Snow Leopard means making a snow leopard eligible to an equal share of your estate on your death this is a big investment.
3. Adopting a Snow Leopard means you promise to do your utmost to meet all the needs that a Snow Leopard may have for the rest of your life this is a life long commitment.
4.  Adopting a Snow Leopard means your children get a new sibling to share your affections – this could get awkward.
5. Adopting a Snow Leopard means taking on board all the trauma that animal may have received and may have psychologically or physically wounded them for life – this is a huge commitment for anybody.

How about instead we limit the concept of adoption to children who are in need of a family.

There are 6000 waiting children in the UK alone. We can’t really make adverts about them in the same way as the Snow leopard.
Let’s not demean what these children need most in their life by likening it to a temporary financial arrangement a charity might want you to undertake with a beautiful but in the end distant animal. Let’s not call giving financially to a charity that supports wild animals adoption; lets call it sponsorship.

Animal sponsorship has its place – but the concept of it is often based on using guilt, sympathy or fear to get you to give regularly to a programme.
If you do sponsor a snow leopard you get a nice picture to put on your fridge, you get the conscience easing feeling that you are making a difference, you may even get letters from your sponsored animal. You are helping a particular animal (ok  sometimes you are not twinned with a particular animal it is a programme you are supporting instead) to have a better life. You might want to check if the programme you are supporting really is helping in the long run – some animal welfare programmes create dependencies which mean the animal is never going to be any good in the wild again but will always need to rely on donor intervention – so you might not have done good to the animal in the long term. So please consider sponsoring a snow leopard.

But definitely consider offering a child that needs one a home for good through adoption.


So by all means sponsor a snow leopard but lets save adoption for children there really is no comparison.

3 thoughts on “Please don’t adopt a Snow Leopard”

  1. Thanks, Krish. I have been steaming away since the advert for Snow Leopard started. So glad you are doing something a lot better than steaming.

  2. Are you actually serious? I can’t believe what I’m reading here. Adopting a child and adopting a snow leopard on a purely financial basis (and a very tiny financial contribution at that) cannot even be compared in the smallest sense.

    I think you need to go outside more.

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