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Digital Discipleship

Digital Discipleship

Here are the notes from my digital discipleship lecture. Let me know what you think.

The audio is available free now from Regent College Audio.

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Recommended reading:

1. Here Comes Everybody – Clay Shirkey
2. Cognitive Surplus – Clay Shirkey
3. Flickering Pixels -Shane Hipps
4. The Next Story – Tim Challies

Digital Discipleship


The rest of your life

Give it a rest.

I recently had an interesting exchange on facebook with some old friends. I posted that I was going to be in Vancouver on a Sunday morning and was up for preaching in a church if anyone needed me. I got a flurry of comments telling me to take time out, to rest up and enjoy the Sabbath. I am all for accountability whether online or otherwise. I am also a big fan of rest. My work timetable is pretty manic – often traveling, often working weekends but I am pretty consistent in taking lieu time from work and usually manage to take most school holidays off as a result. Everyone has a different balance to work out: shift workers, airplane pilots, prison workers all have challenges to their work / rest balance and itinerant speakers do too. I’m up for suggestions for different ways to handle the challenges – so feel free to leave me a message with your advice.

Rest is best

Well it turns out I am down to preach on the subject of Rest in a couple of weeks in Bristol. Ebbe Church is doing a series based on my book “Twenty Four: integrating faith and every day life.” I am biased, but it is a great series for a church to do as we often look at discipleship issues by doing talks on prayer, giving, Bible reading, church etc. The book instead looks at a discipleship for everyday life, by looking at subjects like: waking, commuting, working, eating, shopping, watching tv, resting. Hopefully helping Christians make the connections between Sunday and Monday to Saturday.

The rest of you?

Well I am looking for your wisdom. What tips, advice and suggestions do you have for maintaining a healthy work / rest balance. Here’s a couple from the book:

What are you going to do with the rest of your life? Here are some practical suggestions. Adopt God’s rhythm of work and rest, day and night, six days + one day. And when you finish work for the day, or for the week, do something practical to state your trust in him. Set a curfew and put the hoover out of sight, leave your laptop at work, leave your revision to one side.

When you can’t sleep, pray for help recognising that sleep is a gift form God “God grants sleep to those he loves” (Psalm 127:2). Stop things buzzing around your head by jotting it down in a notebook. Work out a wind-down routine – watching TV, reading the Bible, taking a hot bubbly bath.

Critically evaluate the pace of your life. Fight against the rhythm of the world by taking your coffee breaks, eating your meal at a table, relaxing.

Be like God and bring rest to other people. The 10 commandments as recorded in Deuteronomy extended the Sabbath to the servants and animals, mirroring the compassion of God. Encourage your employees to leave their work behind on Friday night, campaign for fair working hours and a balanced working week. Respect the good neighbour rule of quiet after 11.00pm. Help out those who are sleep deprived by taking the pressure off.

Twenty Four is ofcourse available from amazon and all good bookshops (not yet on Kindle though).


Jack Bauer take a break

Take a break Jack Bauer

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10 Questions for Exploring the implications of Social Media

Hi friends, i am working on some questions to help Christians explore the implications of social media. Here are my 10 so far. Would love to hear what you think – either in answer to any of the questions, or suggestions for other questions. Many thanks

1. How would you describe your personal use of social media? (are you a social media fan or skeptic?)

2. Is social media is making you or your society less sociable or more sociable, why?

3. Read Nicholas Carr’s article, is Google making us stupid?

4. Do you think that Social Media can bring genuine social transformation or is it just a placebo – breeding a new generation of “slacktivists”? (see the video “social media for social change”)

5. Is it possible for a public figure to have private twitter and facebook account?

6. In your experience has the church taken a positive “early adopter” attitude or a more negative, reluctant “luddite” mentality to social media. (watch this video for more information)

7. What are the best examples you have seen of the church using social media well?

8. How can social media help the church to engage in a more global conversation?

9. Why do you think the use of social media has such a polarizing effect on different christian leaders and thinkers?

10. The apostle Paul explained how he became “all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.” 1 Corinthians 9:22. What should the contextualisation of the church look like in a digital age?

Books you might find helpful on this subject:

Best Blackberry Storm Applications

Here’s my list of favourite free Blackberry storm applications. Would love to know of any others that you have found.


- works really well. You can upload pictures directly to your facebook page and read your friends updates and send messages to your facebook friends.

- great RSS feed reader – it works really well on the storm – but pick your feeds well or you could exceed your data package. its a great way to get enough of the headlines on your blackberry so you can read it when you don’t have access to the internet – like on the London Underground.

- you can twitter from your storm now. The problem I have is that it doesn’t keep hold of my username and password so i have to put that in every time.You might have better luck with this GPS enabled Twitter client called Twibble.

I am about to trial it and will let you know how it goes. It provides a really neat feature where you can log where in the world you were when you posted a tweet. This means you can put a google earth overlay on and follow your tweets like a treasure map.

Worldmate Live
- this is a great programme to manage your flight itineraries. At its best you can email your flight confirmation details to it and it will automatically put them into your outlook diary. You can also check for flight updates and cancellations and instantly check for alternative flights.

Flight Path

here’s a fun, free game that will help keep your kids (and possibly you entertained.) Using the Blackberry’s motion sensor this game asks you to pilot an aeroplane through some navigation hoops. Its quite addictive even though it has only basic graphics and sound.

Google Chrome Beta

I love it.

Some really neat ideas:

1. Only one search bar – you don’t have a separate URL and Search window – you just type in the URL window and like FIREFOX it makes suggestions as you type

2. I really like the way the browser starts off with a thumb nail of your most common web pages. Most of the time I am going to wordpress or facebook or the guardian online or amazon and so it’s great that it will start with these.

3. It does feel clean and simple to use

WIll I swap from Firefox my browser of choice? Not yet – at the moment the I get an “incompatible browser warning” when i try to access facebook – which is gotta be a proble you thought they would have sorted out early in the design stage!