You are more than the worst thing that has happened to you...

Dr Krish Kandiah


Krish's next book "The Greatest Secret"

Krish offers a deep invitation to rediscover the radical hospitable nature of God's inclusive love. I believe this truth can lead us towards home together.

Danielle Strickland

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Krish's latest books

God is Stranger


Home for Good

Upcoming Speaking engagements

5-8 th August 2019

Krish is giving a keynote address on VIP Leadership at the internaionally renowned Global Leadership Summit in Chicago 

Global Leadership Summit

24-27 October 2019

Krish is delivering a keynote address on why time is running our for orphanages.

World Without Orphans Global Summit Thailand

23 September 2019

Krish is hosting a global conversation about rethinking orphanages at a fringe event of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Global Think Tank

on family based care


Krish is passionate about changing the lives of vulnerable children. He founded the charity Home for Good which seeks to find loving homes for children in care through family reunification, fostering or adoption. Krish and Miriam are birth parents, adopted parents and foster parents. 


Krish is an inspiration. I love working with him. He is authentic, collaborative, and sensitive to what others feel and think. He is humble and gracious, but somehow also manages to command authority that takes people with him, willingly, on a journey of learning and discovery. He puts his words into action, his own interests aside for others and is fearless in his pursuit of social justice. He is the man, my dog thinks I am.


Marksteen Adamson

Founding Partner

Agency ASHA

creative consultancy



Krish in conversation with Prof NT Wright, Danielle Strickland, Jo Saxton, Andy Crouch . Michael Wear and many others 

Join the homecoming team

With up to 8 million children around the world unnecessarily institutionalised find out how you can be part of the team that helps every child find the homecoming they need.


Krish is spearheading an initiative in collaboration with the world's leading child protection experts, NGOs and children's charities to help as many of the children in the world's orphanages to either return home or find alternative local families.

Visit to find out how you can help.

For any media inquiries, please contact Krish's booking agent Kathryn:

0300  001 0995

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